Steel Windows

Steel Windows

Steel windows have been in Israel for decades and adorn some of the most beautiful homes in the country, whether in Neve Tzedek or in the Templar colonies. Every architect and interior designer knows that if he wants to design a house that conveys on the one hand luxury, and on the other hand a real rural atmosphere, steel windows are the ultimate choice.

While an aluminum profile tries to resemble the real thing, anyone who sees a steel window immediately notices a difference: in visibility, level of finish, quality of materials, and durability. Every building whose steel windows are inserted into it immediately acquires a luxurious classic fragrance, even if it is a new restaurant in Tel Aviv or an extended house in the moshav.

Lisman has been designing, manufacturing and installing windows and doors made of steel profile for the past 20 years. The company works with the best raw materials and production processes. By streamlining the production process, Lissman presents a competitive price without compromising on quality.