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Villa in Nir Am

The living room enjoys double height space, and the top window lets in natural light. "We chose simple and inexpensive technical lighting," says landlady Karin Rabana, "and invested in some high-quality decorative fixtures."

All the facades of the house, built as a white box, are flat, and the openings in them are measured. In the living room wall, one picture window faces the front. On the side of the house, the kitchen protrudes outwards, with a wall along which a film window has been designed. Above it and slightly to the side, on the top floor, there is another square window as a picture, facing the double space the height of the living room. At the back of the house is a display case through which you enter the courtyard; And on the top floor, another window protrudes from the front line. All openings are framed in black iron. "These openings," explains the architect, "are the result of a lot of thought on how to create privacy and yet bring in a lot of light."

Illustrated tiles with examples of plants and animals in the park were incorporated on the walls, and ceiling windows (skylights) that protruded from the roof were installed in their ceiling. This, in turn, is a green roof that obscures the modern materiality of the structure (glass, steel and exposed concrete) and softens it to suit the starting point of minimal intervention.

The ten employees of the real estate company "Or Liri" – all members of one family and their close friends – asked for as transparent a space as possible, precisely to preserve the feeling of intimacy between them. The heavy anchors are provided by presence furniture, which resembles a home living room

The materials chosen for the space are minimalist: smoothed concrete in which parquet bricks are embedded, and glass walls framed in a cream-colored steel profile

The guiding design line combines a clean and minimalist infrastructure with elements in a warm tone, with a natural look of the material itself. The built carpentry is characterized by a clean line without handles, and blends in with the white walls. So are the window profiles, which are made of light-colored iron. Those who contribute to the cozy atmosphere are natural smoky oak parquet, exposing a wall to the original silicate bricks on the west side, a combination of wood and mineral plaster in the bathroom, and shelves in the niches.